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Ítalska III/Italian III

- Námskieđiđ er styrkt af utanríkisráđuneyti Ítalíu

Námskeiđ ćtlađ ţeim sem hafa góđa undirstöđukunnáttu í ítölsku en vilja ţjálfa sig frekar í beitingu tungumálsins. Auk ţess verđur fjallađ um menningu og listir. Kennt á ítölsku.

This course, valid 6 ECTS credits, is specifically designed to further develop language ability and knowledge of Italian Culture for students who have completed Italska I and Italska II, or who have knowledge of Italian grammar, syntax and vocabulary. The principal aim of this course is to encourage active and practical use of all language skills students have already developed, and to get them acquainted with and self confident in dealing with specific daily situations. The course will focus on conversation and learning how to deal with practical situation. Several aspects of Italian history, culture and contemporary life will be introduced, as well as vocabulary and grammar skills.

Textbook/kennslubók: “Domani 2”: the book can be purchased as Ebook (recommended) or as regular book at In order to buy the book, you need to register to the website(website is in English). If you may have any issue with the purchase of the book, please contact
Students are strongly recommended to come to class with a good dictionary and a verb conjugation book.
Additional resources: Both Akureyri Town Library and the University Library own Italian textbooks, literature, films and dictionaries.
Evaluation/námsmat: Attendance and participation in class (20%), homeworks (20%), exam (60%) 
Students who do not attend the course for credits may complete it and receive an attendance certificate without taking any examination.

Main instructor/kennari:
Federica Scarpa, graduated with honours in Italian Letters and Philosophy at Universitŕ Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, with special focus on Cultural/Social Anthropology and Ethno-linguistics. MA in Polar Law (2013).

Mondays and Thursdays, 18 Sept-26 Oct, h 16:45-18:20 (36 lessons).
Price/verđ: 49.000 kr. The course is free of charge for HA students.

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Sólborg v/norđurslóđ           600 Akureyri, Iceland           S. +354 460 8090

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